Born and bred between Miami and Tampa, FL, this highly conscious and always edgy emcee is not your typical Hip Hop artist. With his willingness to experiment and push the envelope sonically, ?nowledge invites you to unlock your mind and explore the Universe together. His ability to incorporate various musical styles with organic and raw lyrics is a perfect marriage on wax. In addition to being an emcee, he also plays bass guitar, keyboard, drums, and percussion and takes a hands-on approach to the production and engineering process.

His Story

The Genesis


On October 16th in Miami, FL, a star was brought into this world. Son of a fugee, not the subject of your movie.

Fell In Love With Hip Hop


With the release of albums like Midnight Marauders and Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers), it was a match made in heaven. A young ?nowledge knew then what he was destined for and never lost his love for [H.E.R]

Honing His Skills


Once he reached high school, he began realizing his potential and started sharpening the swords in his composition notebook, in ciphers after school, and via online battle boards like Ell Oh Crew.

Coming Of Age


By the time high school was over, an ambitious ?nowledge had already performed at several talent shows and house parties and even recorded a few tracks with a USB mic and a laptop in his mom's garage. But after learning Knowledge of Self, he was hungrier than ever to be heard and develop his skills, not only as a wordsmith but as a producer and aspiring musician. Shortly after graduation, he joined forces with several local musicians in Tampa, FL to form Heavy Rock/Rap-fusion group StereoType & The Treble Makers. It was with StereoType that he truly got his first taste of songwriting, musicality, and gigging. The band would go on to perform over 100 times over the next three years and released several singles.

Indigenous Ways


Once StereoType ran it's course, ?nowledge was equipped to start a movement. This time, it wouldn't just be a band, but a collective of different artists and creatives as well. At it's height, Indigenous Ways consisted of a 6-piece band, 3 producers, 5 emcees, a graphic design team, and booking services. While many of it's founding members are now spread out throughout the country and some have shifted focus, trust and believe, it's still "Indigenous Ways 4 Lyfe" !

Hip Hop Against Hunger


After booking, performing, and promoting his own events for several years, ?nowledge wanted to use his skills and network for something bigger than Hip Hop. Being that Central Florida struggles mightily with food insecurity, he figured he should start an annual benefit concert where emcees, DJ's, breakdancers, graffiti artists, local businesses, and volunteers can come together to perform and raise food, clothing, and money for those in need. And thus,
Hip Hop Against Hunger was born. To date, ?nowledge and his supporters have managed to collect over 3,000 pounds of food, over 500 bags of clothing & toiletries, and over $1000 in funds, all donated to
local food banks and homeless shelters throughout Central Florida and New Jersey. 

?nowledge Is Infinite


On July 27th, his debut studio album
'?nowledge Is Infinite' is released. With special guest appearances by the likes of Rahim Samad, Jinx, Breakdown, Monica Delgado, and Logic ForBeatz, this album really made people take notice. 

From The Darkness Comes The Light


After a few ups and downs and a return to college to finish his B.A. in History from the University of South Florida, a more experienced version of ?nowledge re-emerges to release his highly anticipated sophomore album 'From The Darkness Comes The Light.' 

New Jeruz


In April 2017, ?nowledge decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of moving to the NYC area in search of new opportunities and a change of pace. Now a New Jersey resident, the G.O.D has formed a new 5-piece band called Cope Aesthetic, which is now performing and recording throughout the tri-state area. Stay tuned for the next stop on this journey to the top. 


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